Aesthetic Guidelines


At the direction of the Board of Directors of the Pepper Tree Farms Improvement Association, a Committee was established in order to pool home owners on architectural and aesthetic preferences to be followed by the community. Residents voted on a number of proposals and according to the results of this poll, the following Guidelines were approved for circulation.

While the provisions of many of the guidelines are not legally enforceable at this time, they serve a valuable purpose by putting on record the preferences on the majority of Pepper Tree homeowners:

In keeping with the rustic, contemporary environment of the community, it is hoped that all new fencing will be constructed of wood and allowed to weather naturally, or be stained in natural earth tones, and comply with all existing ordinances in terms of setbacks, property lines and heights.

Natural earth tones are desired when painting or staining the cedar siding on homes. Wood trim, such as front doors, is left to individual taste. Garage doors, however, are preferred plain and simple without designs and/or motifs.

The Cook County Zoning Codes, Section 4.49, Special Provision #4 states:

Mobile homes, travel trailers, camping trailers, recreational vehicles, motor homes, boats, boat trailers and miscellaneous trailers shall not be parked or stored on a zoning lot except when in a garage or fully enclosed structure, or outside the buildable area of the lot to the rear of the structure.

We ask that driveways not be used for auto repairs and/or auto body shops on a continual basis. Obviously, the occasional do-it-yourself repairs are acceptable.

It is hoped that any additions to homes, besides meeting any existing zoning restrictions and regulations, will be in the same architectural style of the house itself, and be constructed of the same or similar materials.

No large structures should be permitted on the property. This does not apply to smaller, storage-type sheds or playhouses, although it would be desirable if these were painted or stained the same color of the house on the property on which they are located, or placed out of sight behind fencing.

Please, no above-the-ground swimming pools, only small portable kiddy pools for tots.

Trash should not be placed along the curb soon then the evening before it is schedules to be collected.

Hoses or waterways from sum pumps should be located so the runoff does no drain onto the proper adjacent to you own.

Bicycles and toys should not be left outside at night where they could restrict pedestrian rights-of-way.

No structures or permanent play areas should be constructed on the common grounds surrounding the lake or the pool.

Efforts should be made to mow grass before it becomes an eyesore.

Wherever and whenever possible, please park all vehicles in the garage or on the driveway without blocking the sidewalk. Please avoid parking in the street. Apart from aesthetics, it is much safer, as small children often dart out into the street from behind parked cars.

  1. Home improvement signs shall not exceed 3’ x 4’ in size and shall not be displayed between 12:00 noon Saturday and 9:00 PM Sunday. No home improvement signs are permitted to remain following completion of work by contractor.