Original Brochure Kaufman & Broad Homes, Inc. circa 1969

Many thanks to Joanne Cullnan for keeping and then lending the original brochure and floor plans to us so we could put them up on the web. The folder was a little to fragile to risk scanning so I am re-printing it here for all to enjoy.  And by the way, I just typed it and didn’t write it, (cuddlers’ cove?). 

PEPPER TREE FARMS… a community of three and four-bedroom homes architecturally perfected to blend with the restful setting of the Illinois countryside.  Here are homes with spacious family rooms, California patio kitchens, beamed ceilings and fireplaces to provide the family atmosphere so desirable to those families with growing children.  All Pepper Tree Farms homes feature large family size bedrooms plus a spacious parents’ master suite.  There are two or more baths… family size closets, a cuddlier cove, (private parents’ hideaway).  Two and three-car garages, additional storage space, and first floor laundry rooms complete your Pepper Tree Farm home.

PEPPER TREE FARMS… located in the charming Palatine/Barrington area.  In 1853, when the first railroad tie was laid near these villages, there were perhaps four homes in existence.  Quiet, out of the way communities, they grew slowly, surely.  Today, after more than a century of progress, this area has been able to retain its 100-year-old charm yet offers an abundance of modern community facilities so necessary when raising a family.

Your family’s recreation is a prime importance of Pepper Tree Farms.  The private Pepper Tree Farms Swim and Cabana club is an outstanding example of how this country community has included people in the plans.  The club is owned by Pepper Tree Farms residents, and is for their exclusive use and for their guests.  The club includes a cabana which serves as a gathering place.  You’re sure to enjoy your family membership!

The beauty of country living is complemented at Pepper Tree Farms by a selected number of creek-side and lakefront lots.  This limited area benefited from the scenic beauty of waterfront living coupled with tree studded, softly curving streets… All retaining an atmosphere you may have thought to be gone forever… but it’s here at Pepper Tree Farms.

The desirable northwest suburbs have become even more desirable with the advent of Pepper Tree Farms and, an outstanding network of highways lead to the Palatine area.  The Rand Road interchange on Route 53 Expressway is complete and is another underway at Route 53 Expressway and Dundee road.  The northwestern commuter streamliner stops at Barrington and Palatine.  The quiet of Pepper Tree Farms lay minutes away from the hustle of the loop! (34 minutes away by car, and 27 minutes via the northwestern commuter.)

Your Pepper Tree Farms home will be built by the nation’s largest independently owned producer of new homes listed on the American Stock Exchange.  This symbol, the hallmark of our building trades during the Middle Ages, was punched into home building materials as prideful mark of the builder’s craft.  Today the triangle and bar is a registered corporate symbol of Kaufmann and Broad, the world’s largest producer of new homes listed on the American Stock Exchange.

Kaufmann and Broad’s vast size enables them, through mass buying power to purchase the very finest materials at low prices…  This results in a huge savings that is passed on to you, the buyer. A fact a great importance to you should you wish to resell your home.  The better value today means a better investment and better price at time of resale.  Here again Kaufmann and Broad’s vast experience in large team of skilled building specialists results in unexcelled quality.

Further assurance of the sound investment is Kaufman & Broad’s customer service division.  “We serve what we build” is the Kaufmann and Broad watchword.

Now!  All Kaufmann and Broad homes have an exclusive five-year new home warranty.

Only such experience, such quality and such attention to detail makes possible Kaufman & Broad’s five-year warranty of your new home a warranty unheard-of in the building industry and pioneered by Kaufman & Broad.  You can be confident of lasting quality and value of the Kaufman & Broad home.